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Drones: Not Just for Listing Photos Anymore

Drone being used in real estate flying above a home

  Drones: Not Just for Listing Photos Anymore   The use of drones for real estate marketing saw a significant uptick in 2016. According to industry statistics, homes with aerial images in their listings sold 68% faster than homes with…

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Foreclosure or Short Sale?

What is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure? Short Sales and Foreclosures are two financial options available to homeowners who are late on their mortgage payments. There are different reason why homeowner would choose for a short sale versus a…

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What is your Best Form of Advertising?

Advertising is a communication intended to inform, educate, influence and remind individuals of your product. Effective advertising should capture the prospective customers’ attention and entice them to use your product. It should be catchy and interruptive, it should make people…

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5 DIY Jobs to Help Sell Your House

A home is not only a place to reside but can also serve as a great investment. How can a homeowner make a return on their investment without breaking the bank at the same time maximizing their profit? Below are…

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Best time to buy is NOW

Best time to buy is NOW 17:02 EDT, July 11th, 2013 WSJ – now is the best time to buy The Wall Street Journal’s third-quarter survey of housing-market conditions in 28 of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas found that home…

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